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Chapter 9 Reducing Project Duration MCQ

the shortest possible time an activity can be completed realistically is called

An explicit predecessor list would include all of the preceding activities for activity G. Table 9-2 shows all such predecessor relationships implied by the the shortest possible time an activity can be completed realistically is called project plan. This table can be produced by tracing all paths through the network back from a particular activity and can be performed algorithmically.

  • Corrective actions that should take place would typically appear in the _____ section of the final project report.
  • Finally, activity I cannot begin until the sewer line is installed and formwork and reinforcement are ready, so activities F and G are preceding.
  • It is a tree structure, which shows a subdivision of effort required to achieve an objective, for example, a program, project, and contract.
  • For now, analyze the gap between the deadline and the calculated end date of the project.

As a third alternative, initial divisions might represent different spatial locations in the planned facility. The choice of a hierarchy depends upon the desired scheme for summarizing work information and on the convenience of the planner. In computerized databases, multiple hierarchies can be stored so that different aggregations or views of the work breakdown structure can be obtained.

Step 2: Set Milestones for Project Start and End Dates

In any case, keep in mind that you may need to make a lot of assumptions on the availability of resources. Second, you need to be proactive to secure the resources other managers have promised you.

They’ll ask your team to challenge preconceived ideas and adopt a mindset for solving problems more effectively. Depending on the nature of your team or organizational problems, it’s easy for conversations to get heated. While it’s good for participants to be engaged in the discussions, ensure that emotions don’t run too high and that blame isn’t thrown around while finding solutions. Jumping straight to solutions can be tempting, though without first clearly articulating a problem, the solution might not be the right one.

Step 10: Set Duration for Each Task

And, of course, you need to take the final resources calendar into consideration during risk management. What will happen if that person doesn’t join the project on time?

  • It takes an experienced program manager to truly utilize the benefits a PERT analysis can provide a project team.
  • The “Crash Cost Per Day” column shows how much the extra resources would cost for each day by which we shorten a task.
  • These are called positive deviant behaviors and practices.
  • Even if activities are unrelated, you want to build a logical sequence of work.
  • One other possible but little used mechanism for checking precedences is to conduct a physical or computer based simulation of the construction process and observe any problems.

They get individuals and the group to focus on what is within their discretion instead of what they cannot change. Problem-solving strategies can live and die on whether people are onboard.

How do you identify problems?

Similarly, problems in resource availability identified during the simulation of the construction process might be effectively forestalled by providing additional resources as part of the construction plan. That is, the duration of a particular activity is assu med to be a random variable that is distributed in a particular fashion.

the shortest possible time an activity can be completed realistically is called

It’s rewarding to see a diagram grow throughout the exercise, and a completed SQUID can provide a visual resource for future effort and as an example for other teams. DADs make it easy for a group or community to discover practices and behaviors that enable some individuals to find better solutions than their peers to common problems. These are called positive deviant behaviors and practices. DADs make it possible for people in the group, unit, or community to discover by themselves these PD practices.

Chapter 9 Reducing Project Duration MCQ

Management believes the company can use the new funds to earn additional income of$800,000 before interest and taxes. United Nation Financial Services’ income tax rate is 40%. Analyze United Nation Financial Services’ situation to determine which plan will result in the higher earnings per share. Which plan allows you to retain control of the company? Which plan creates more financial risk for the company? Present your conclusion in a memo to United Nation Financial Services’ board of directors.

the shortest possible time an activity can be completed realistically is called

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